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Our Tenant Hub is designed specifically to keep you up to date with all the latest news, competitions, surveys and developments.

As well as this, we will be sharing regular videos, live Q&A sessions, tenant stories and more. Be sure to visit frequently so you don't miss out.

Our Tenant Hub is designed specifically to keep you up to date with all the latest news, competitions, surveys and developments.

As well as this, we will be sharing regular videos, live Q&A sessions, tenant stories and more. Be sure to visit frequently so you don't miss out.

  • Board Meeting - April

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    The Tenant Board Chair, David Yates, posts a regular blog after each Board meeting so that all our customers can keep up to date with key issues from our Board meetings. Read the lastest blog below.

    "Hi everybody,

    On Tuesday 12th April, we held our first Board meeting of the new financial year.

    Following an extensive selection and interview process, the Board was very pleased to appoint two new tenant Board Members, Kerri Tucker and Sara Murphy. Kerri and Sara will be attending their first meeting in May, and everyone on the Board is looking forward to welcoming them. This brings our complement of tenants on the Board to the maximum of five.

    The Board also appointed Aimee Law as a Co-opted Board Member for a period of 12 months. The Board invites Co-optees onto the Board to provide additional experience and expertise and Aimee brings significant experience in relation to development.

    The Board also received the good news that Community Gateway Association had been successfully shortlisted for three Northern Housing Awards. This is such great news as just being shortlisted in itself is a major achievement, so we want to say a huge well done to everybody – we’re all very proud of you.

    The Board considered a number of other business issues on the night including the Business Plan, Annual Treasury Strategy and Stress Testing.

    Best wishes,

    Dave Yates

    Board Chair

  • Facebook Q&A - Anti-Social Behaviour

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    Q. How do you proactively deal with anti-social behaviour without relying on tenants?

    A. Our Tenancy Management Team work out and about in our communities and speak directly to our residents to understand and appreciate their concerns. We also hold regular surgeries, attend PACT meetings, and hold community events to raise awareness around reporting and hold targeted initiatives to combat specific problems.

    Q. What is your safeguarding policy for vulnerable tenants both adult and children who have to endure anti-social behaviour?

    A. We have a dedicated safeguarding service that work closely with partner agencies and operate in our communities. We also have dedicated outreach and support team who work closely with our most vulnerable tenants

    Q. What do you use to evict tenants when you do not have evidence from other tenants due to fear of reprisals?

    A. We gather evidence from a variety of sources including, members of the community, partner agencies and CGA staff. Ultimately it would be a decision for the courts to decide whether to grant an eviction order after evaluating the evidence presented. We provide comprehensive witness support and will only disclose the identity of witnesses with their consent.

    Q. Do you not use crime reference numbers?

    A. Here at CGA we work in close partnership with the police and other agencies to tackle nuisance, anti-social behaviour, and criminal activity. Partners provide evidence to help us tackle these issues.

    Q. Is part of the tenancy agreement around behaviour for those living under your roof ever enforced when you know of the teenagers who are causing anti-social behaviour?

    A. Yes, every CGA tenant is responsible for the behaviour of every person including children living in or visiting their home. There also responsible for their behaviour in the home, shared areas and in the locality of their home.

  • Live Fencing Q&A

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    • CGA is investing in new properties but not in maintaining existing properties, why?

    This is not strictly true. Whilst we are investing in building affordable new homes, we also complete internal and external cyclical work on a 5-year cycle. We are currently 3 years into the cycle so not all areas will have had a program carried out yet.

    • Are there any current approved, planned fencing projects taking place?

    No, not currently. The first round of the external projects has mainly concentrated on the actual property from the roofline down. Cleaning and repairing gutters and downpipes, UPVC windows and doors, painting and brick pointing, and picking up any health and safety trips to paths.

    • My back fence is rotten, and half is missing after it was blown down last year?

    In this case it would be the tenant’s responsibility to carry out repairs.

    • Will Trees Estate fencing be replaced? Loads have missing panels and rotten wood falling apart?

    There are no plans for fencing projects on the Trees Estate.

    • Tenant responsibility vs CGA responsibility?

    CGA will carry out minor repairs to divisional fencing and remove fencing where both neighbours agree. Health and safety works such as removing sharp nails sticking out or were there is a potential for fencing to fall over would be laid down or removed but not replaced. Tenants have a responsibility to maintain their fences with a coat of stain and carry out minor repairs where necessary. The current fencing policy was approved by a tenant group in 2020 and the next review will take place in 2024.

    • What is classed as a boundary fence?

    Where the fence line divides your home to an open space, passage, ginnel, or pavement.

    • What is classed as a dividing fence?

    Where the fence line divides your neighbour’s properties either side by side or back to back.

    • So, Farringdon Park are getting new fences but Fishwick are not? Please explain why we are not entitled to them.

    No one is saying other areas won’t be offered new fencing, but just not at this time. Farringdon Park has been an ongoing project for the past 3-years and the type of fencing that is installed there must be removed due to legislation.

    • My fencing in my front garden is rotten, panels falling off, concrete posts crumbling and I’m on a bus route, can you help?

    This sounds like a boundary fence in which case, we would come and inspect it and carry out any required works.

    • I had a guy out yesterday to repair my fence, he had a 2-hour slot and did what he could but one of the fences is still knackered, can I report this for another slot.

    If the panel you are referring to is on another fence line, then yes you can report this for another slot.

    • Loads more of rotten fence just been blown down in my back garden, I can’t replace it because it was just nailed together so no posts to put up new fencing.

    If it is dividing fencing, we don’t replace it but if it’s a boundary fence we will be happy to come out and inspect.

    • When will you be starting the fencing on Farringdon Park?

    A successful consultation event was held in July 2021, obviously this was during the ever-changing restrictions etc. so not undertaken in normal times. 42% of residents returned their votes with close board no gaps being the most popular with 81% of votes. A tender process has been completed, however with the constant volatility with prices this will need to be revisited prior to the start. Budgeted for starting 2022, all being well with the above.

    • Who is responsible for dealing/repairing a rotten/damaged boundary fence? Landlord or tenant?

    Landlord, subject to inspection.

    • We were promised new fences 4 years ago on Fishwick Parade and now we are being told the fences are the tenant’s responsibility?

    There are no current planned fencing projects and to my knowledge there have never been any for this area.

  • Fencing Response

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    Following on from comments and questions raised by tenants on the CGA Facebook Group, further information is provided below.

    Dividing Fencing – Is what separates your garden / outdoor space between your property and your neighbour either side by side or back to back.

    • We will carry out minor repairs of up to 2 hours
    • Any H&S concerns we will remove however we don’t replace or install new fencing

    Boundary Fencing – Were there is open space, to ginnel / alley or public right of way

    • We will carry out repairs and replace if required
    • We wont install new boundary fence were there hasn’t been any previously

    As part of our cyclical program we do inspect properties every 5 years with a view to completing future fencing programs as part of a planned scheme rather than one off replacements.

    An example is on Farringdon Park we have carried out surveys and have put forward a budget proposal to replace the metal fencing that has been causing issues for a number of years, and those are the type of programs we would like to complete in years to come.

    Further information can be found in the New Homes leaflet.

    A live Q&A session will be held on the CGA Facebook Group and further information will be provided on this shortly.

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  • Gateway 2 Engagement Events in February 2022

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    Great things happen when you get involved so come along to one of our Gateway2Engagement (G2E) events and find out more! Talk to our Community Engagement Team, register for workshops and activities, and give us feedback on topics that are important to you. You can view the calendar here but everything you need to know is below.

    Date Time Location
    Tue 8th Feb 10am-12.30pm Walking around City Centre and Deepdale
    Tue 8th Feb 2pm-4.30pm Larches & Savick Boxing Club, Catforth Road, PR2 1AW
    Sat 12th Feb 11am-1pm Callon, Samuel Street, PR1 4YE
    Tue 15th Feb 5pm-7pm St Matthews Mission, 117 Acregate Lane, PR1 5QQ
    Wed 16th Feb 11.30am-1pm Farringdon Park Community Centre, Thirlmere Road, PR1 5TR
    Sat 19th Feb 11am-2pm Brookfield Shops, Watling Street Road
    Mon 21st Feb 8.30am-11am The Intact Centre, 49 Whitby Avenue, PR2 3YP
    Tue 22nd Feb 8.30am-10am Grange Shops, Hazel Grove, PR2 6PT
    Tue 22nd Feb 10.30am-3.30pm Moor Nook, Langden Drive, PR2
    Wed 23rd Feb 10am-3pm Bay Tree Farm, Sutton Drive, Lea, PR2 1PG
    Thu 24th Feb 2pm-4pm Greenlands, Dawnay Road, Ribbleton, PR2 6BB
    Mon 28th Feb 2pm-4pm Walking around Holme Slack and Trees

  • Christmas Crafts Success

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    supporting image

    As part of the Winter Workshop programme, we ran a Christmas craft-themed engagement event at Intact Community Centre, Ingol, where have a large stock of properties. The engagement activity supplemented the recent tree planting at Ingol Community Primary School on the 30th November.

    The session aimed to empower our tenants to learn a new skill and create something to take home to ‘brighten up’ their homes. The crafts they learned at the sessions were also something they could practice at home and share with their families.

    The session brought together a mixture of tenants from all over Preston, some of whom were socially isolated – it provided them a safe space to get involved in a new activity and meet new people and find out about our opportunities to get involved.

    The attendees completed a survey at the end of the workshop, and we received the following feedback…

    • “Today is the first session I have attended, and I have enjoyed it so much. I was a bit worried at first as I didn't know what to expect. I have really enjoyed and have loved meeting new people and getting out of the house.”
    • “It has been nice to meet new people and bring them together. I have learnt new crafts and it has been engaging and uplifting.”
    • “I have been involved in many activities and it really lifts my mood. It gets me out of the house, and I have loved meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.”
    • “I am so pleased that someone contacted me. I have loved being involved and meeting people and having a reason to get out of the house.”

    Aims of the event:

    • Publicise Intact Community Centre – a local asset which provides local support and events.
    • Bringing people together – a mixture of ages, needs and backgrounds.
    • Providing an up-skilling opportunity – attendees learned new crafts to practice at home and with their families.
    • Sharing Community Gateway involvement opportunities – Community Engagement Support Officers got the chance to talk to tenants about ways to get involved within Gateway.
    • Gather feedback from tenants

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  • Christmas Toy Appeal 2021

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    Community Gateway are running a Toy/Gift Scheme through the Purple Pantry to support families meet the cost of Christmas. The scheme will be membership based and enable members to purchase Christmas Shopping Points between 2nd November and 18th December 2021. The points can be exchanged for toys and gifts during the course of December. The cost of the Christmas Shopping Points will be £1 per point. The member will be able to purchase 40 points per child living in their household to a maximum of 120 points. CGA will match the points purchased.

    Points can be purchased on a daily/weekly basis from the Purple Pantry in £1 denominations. A receipt for each purchase made will be provided and should be retained by the member as proof of purchase. A record of points purchased will be retained by CGA, including the matched points. At the point of selecting toys/gifts CGA will record the transaction and the member will sign to confirm the points used.

    Example :

    Mrs Smith has 3 children. She can purchase up to 120 Christmas Shopping Points at a cost of £120. If Mrs Smith purchases 120 points CGA will gift her an additional 120 points. Total points to spend = 240.

    Mr Jones has 6 children. The maximum points Mr Jones can purchase is 120 at a cost of £120. CGA will gift Mr Jones an additional 120 points. Total points to spend = 240.

    How you can spend your points :

    The toys will be stored at Harbour House and viewing/selecting will be done by appointment between 10th – 22nd December - Monday-Friday 10.00 am and 4 pm. Members can attend as many times as they wish during this period. Proof of ID will be needed when attending to select toys/gifts.

    Where possible CGA will try to accommodate specific interests/needs of the child.


    All members will receive a voucher worth 40 Purple Pantry Points to spend on food/drink/snacks between 15th December 2021 and 8th January 2022.

    How do you apply

    An application form can be collected from the Purple Pantry or you can phone your Income Officer to request one is posted out to you. This scheme is means tested and therefore you will need to provide details of your household income and expenditure. Your application cannot be processed without this information. If you need help to complete the application please ask for support at the Purple Pantry or phone your Income Officer (0800 953 0213). Once completed return the application to the Purple Pantry or to Community Gateway, Harbour House, Portway, Preston, PR2 2DW. The completed application will then be assessed by an income officer and the Tenancy Support Manager. We hope to assess applications within 48 hours of receipt of we will contact you by phone/text to confirm whether you have been accepted on to the Scheme or not. In some cases we may need further information such as copy bank statements or proof of child benefit before we can assess the application. In these circumstances we will contact you to request this information be provided.

    Terms and conditions

    1. Only Community Gateway Tenants are eligible to become a member of the 2021 Christmas Toy Appeal (CTA)
    2. Members must have responsibility for dependent children, and be in receipt of Child Benefit for the child(ren).
    3. Proof of receipt of Child Benefit/bank statements may be requested before a membership application can be assessed.
    4. Toys/goods received from CGA are for the sole use of the recipient/the recipients family and must not be sold or exchanged for cash.
    5. Points can only be redeemed by the Tenant member and cannot be transferred.
    6. Any unspent points purchased will be refunded.
    7. There is no monetary value to the matched points gifted by Community Gateway.
    8. There is no monetary value to the Purple Pantry points voucher.
    9. CGA have the right to refuse membership.
    10. CGA have the discretion to amend the terms and conditions as they see fit.

    You can fill out the application form below. Closing date for Applications is Monday 13th December at 4pm.

  • The Prince's Trust 12-week programme

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    supporting image

    Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and The Prince's Trust are currently recruiting 16-25 year olds for the FREE 12 week team programme in Preston on the 10th January 2022.

    Do you know someone who is not in education, employment or training? Would the benefit from gaining new experiences, new skills, a qualification up to level 2, and work as part of a team in a huge variety of activities?

    The Team programme runs over 12 weeks and offers you:

    • A 4 day 'residential' with lots of activities
    • Work experience placement
    • Develop your employability skills and C.V
    • Opportunities for employment and education
    • Working with people in your community
    • First Aid, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and much, much more!

    It will not affect benefits when signing up! To sign up or just have a chat about the programme, please contact 07900 268 709. 07775776256 or

    Location Start Date End Date
    Central Preston 10/01/2022 01/04/2022
    Deepdale 24/01/2022 15/04/2022
    Central Preston 16/05/2022 05/08/2022
    Deepdale 23/05/2022 12/08/2022

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  • CGA secure double win at TPAS awards

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    supporting image

    Community Gateway are celebrating after winning two Tenant Participatory Advisory Services (TPAS) awards 2021. The awards recognise outstanding engagement with customers and best practice in the housing sector.

    CGA were up for an award in two categories - Excellence in Employment and Skills and Outstanding Tenant Engagement (Under 10,000 homes) for our Gateway2Employment and Gateway2Engagement programmes.

    The role of TPAS is to promote, support and champion tenant involvement and empowerment in social housing across England.

    Sian Coulton - Community Engagement Manager said:

    “We are extremely pleased to have been awarded both the TPAS awards. We have worked with customers and colleagues to co-create a brand-new engagement framework, delivering a range of activities at various levels to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. We have seen a large increase in the number of customers getting involved with us and have successfully managed to increase the diversity of those taking part in our activities and receiving support.

    “As an organisation based on the Community Gateway Model, it is so important to have an effective engagement framework that allows as many people as possible to get involved and help shape our services to ensure that we are tenant led.

    “We are excited for the next twelve months and will continue to evolve our engagement whilst supporting individuals, customers and communities.”

    Dave Yates - Chair of the Board and himself a tenant said:

    “A massive congratulations to the Community Engagement team on winning two fantastic awards. It is not very often the same organisation wins more than one TPAS award, so to win two is even more rewarding.

    “The win is the result of the hard work and dedication by the team and Gateway and a true testament of the strong relationship between staff and tenants. Whether it is helping tenants find their way in life, employment support, or improving their confidence, this is what Community Gateway is all about. A massive thank you to all our involved tenants and the Community Engagement team for their hard work.”

  • Winter Wellbeing Activities

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    Winter Workshop Launch & Book - Come down to Sion Hub for more information, grab a brew and get booked on to our Winter Workshops.

    Health Walk (over 50's only) - Walking helps with improving fitness and weight loss. Walking improves mood and mental well-being. These encourage you to get out of the house in the fresh air, connect with the outdoors, with nature, take notice, connect with other people and make new friends.

    Clubbercise / Zumba - Two of the top tips for de-stressing are staying active and having fun with friends, why not try both! Every participant will also leave with a goodie bag. Under 16's must be accompanied by a participating adult.

    Winter Warmers - Winter is here and its time to shake up the menu. Cook up a storm and leave with a bag of ingredients to recreate at home.

    Relaxation & Mindfulness (over 50's only) - An hour's relaxation and mindfulness, a chance to learn techniques that can be helpful to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Followed by an hour of arts and crafts. A chance to relax, unwind and socialise with the group.

    Talk Money Week - Money worries can be avoided with seeking advice and support at the earliest opportunity. We will be joined by a Preston City Council Financial Inclusion Officer to talk all things benefits, debt advice and general money concerns. There will also be a CGA Welfare & Benefits Officer along with Lancashire Community Finance.

    Cook & Eat (over 50's only) - cook and eat sessions are a great way of doing something together as a group, everyone helps prepare food to make a meal, then we eat lunch together, this is a great way to socialise, build relationships, share experiences and learn new things.

    Chippy Tea & Illuminations (over 50's only) - A trip out to Blackpool Illuminations! See the lights and enjoy a Fish and Chip supper! A chance to get out of Preston and enjoy spending time with the group.

    Get Pampered - Self-care is important for your health and well-being, but we know looking after yourself often is at the bottom of the list. Come along and get a free treatment* on us and find out about all the amazing services across Preston.

    Christmas Crafts - Get creative and make your own Christmas decorations. Equipment will be provided but feel free to bring along any old Christmas cards or spare decorations to jazz up your creations. Everyone will leave with their own winter creations.

    To book a place on any of these events click here.

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